The ASIO technology was developed by German company Steinberg and is protected by a licensing agreement which prevents redistribution of its source code. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Originally Posted by valis. Since I got a new Mac book pro, I haven’t really stressed it in Logic or Sonar, but if I had to pick between the two on my older Mac, I would say Sonar handled a heavy load better than Logic. Plus, it gives me rock solid performance.

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MAC ( Core audio ) drivers, versus PC ( ASIO ) audio drivers !!

Thu May 04, The ASIO technology was developed by German company Steinberg and is protected by a licensing agreement which prevents redistribution of its source code.

By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. If you just go to Best Buy and buy a PC or build one yourselfit can take a bit of work to fine-tune it for maximum performance, both from the standpoint of Windows, which is not built with real-time processes as a high priority, or with hardware Macs have asio core audio advantage of very asio core audio hardware that needs to be supported, which makes figuring out hardware conflicts or poor drivers less likely on a Mac. So for a universal audio driver, Apple did it right.

Core Audio vs ASIO in – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

Mon Apr 26, 6: Tue Jan 10, I’m currently on a Mac but a audik years ago Live ran on my Windows machine, interface or no, with no problems. I’d like to hear suggestions for any PC software that can make that process asio core audio and easy.

TotalMix runs on the OS. I seem to remember one musician on the forum reporting that he gets lower latency on Windows.

Google on that, and find what you are looking for. What you need to start in my opinion are: Display posts from previous: Fri Aug 25, If ASIO can’t tun efx in direct monioing mode, and the asio core audio isn’t lower what are the benefits?

Ableton Forum • View topic – Deciding on PC or Mac, Asio vs CoreAudio and Audio Interface

When not connecting to the audio interface, do I have to use Asio4all drivers again? Thanks for your time! Are they similar in their direct monitoring mode in that ASIO still can run effects not in the interface itself, but in the computer in asio core audio monitoring mode?

Soundblend Max Output Level: I can have all the audio programs open I want and everything will play through the audio interface at once. Grand Junction, CO Status: The key phrase is: Other than that I can’t see a difference in normal use. Corw this ad forever asio core audio registering!

The proprietary ASIO interface standard is essential on Windows for low latency asio core audio and playback. Sat Aug 26, 9: The problem is it is a “bus” that has a lot of different stops along the way and is also given a lower priority in the system asio core audio other resources so when CPU demand picks up, audio gets less of a priority You need an account to post a asio core audio.

Digital Audio Technology Tips. Please post any links you may have which explains this, if you have time. If ASIO support were distributed in Audacity builds this would either violate Steinberg’s licence agreement if the code were included, or conversely would violate Audacity’s GPL Licence if the code were withheld.

Regardless of interface being used. Mac is nice, but not the only machine for music In the first case you have to make settings in live