After closing the error message, xsane tries to scan for devices and eventually replies there are none. Ubuntu is case sensitive so use the command dir or ls to check directory names. Change option from Open to Save! The last section is for source code but we don’t need that. There is a firmware update link on the DCPC product page. Zanna 50k 13

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Change option from Open to Save!

Install brscan3, or another variant of brscan according to your model: The linux pre-install instructions are problematic, however. If not please post a comment brotehr the link answer.

How to Install Brother DCPC Printer Drivers on Ubuntu Linux Easy Guide

The instructions to do this seemed out of date. Each files covers different Brother scanner models. Install all drivers from brother website as normal Open this file: Software method doesn’t work, try hardware method Using the scan key on the Brother MFC generates this message: No idea why ls was generating an error because the brothed is there and three rules exist.

Second item, “I cannot find the brother machine”.

Brother updated software December 25, 2017.

Finally I noted a new driver post from Brother dated !! This is the result: The Brother website says scanning is designed to be done as root so we’ll type sudo xsane and now we see: If you grub around long enough you will find there is a linux troubleshooting FAQ after all – just not in the place where you would expect to find it. Due to your question I thought it was time to get the scanner function working.

That’s fourteen and a half years ago. My printer is the fourth icon in the panel, which being 3 linu wide is immediately below yours.

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Apparently, some files are copied into the wrong folder.

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Brother updated software December 25, Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Setting up brother-udev-rule-type1 1. I tried some instructions I found on the Internet dcp-350v most of them seem to be for older Ubuntu Versions. Downloaded and installed the linux drivers from the Brother site here.

dcp-350f I’ll select that and it has a sub-menu for “DCP 7 Series” which after clicking presents:. I can get the C to scan when I call it from a trial version of a commercial linux scanning tool called VueScan. The printer is actually working. And it even has the answer on the Brother DCPC FAQ, if you squint hard enough, dcp-350v have special abilities such as thought and reading-comprehension. The script runs apt install on it’s own.

Rather than repeating your steps I’ll start a fresh install of the scanner only using the Ubuntu Forums link above. It points to a page where it says is given the means to make the scanner work for non-sudo users – perhaps, then, SimpleScan.

Cdp-350c question contains no less than 15 links and I noticed the site of your first link is out-dated:. Alternatively, you could install gscan2pdf: That inevitably led me to descend into a frightening netherworld haunted by old forum posts that recounted other people’s past horrors attempting to get their Brother scanners working.

Downloading and installing that file all the same does nothing to make the scanner work.