Does anyone out there have a working DOS network boot disk for the … and if so, could you make an image of it and share? So in essence, to create a Multicard Ghost 8. At this point you have all the data you need on the CD. I had the same problem. INI file into each folder. I also have the same problem.

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This will generate an error with an abort, retry, ignore prompt because the boot device a CD is read-only. Most likely ghoost version of ghost. Located on floppy 1 will be the network files appropriate for your network card and on the 2nd floppy will be the ghost executable file GHOST. Notify me of new comments via email.

I just added autoexec. I am using Ghost but I do not think it is a problem with Ghost.


I normally use a floppy when making Ghost Boot CDs to iron out any problems. I had to execuate netbind and net start prior to mscdex. Thank you so much. This problem is occuring with a floppy where I have not even added any Ghost files.

Unfortunately, in Ghost 8.

In addition there is the. Luke It seems that MediaFire have killed off Bootkey. If anyone has a solution to this, please advise. April 24, at 8: Symantec Ghost provides a Boot Wizard to assist in the creation of a Network boot disk.

Build yourself a bootable Ghost USB key | Visible Procrastinations

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Once you have done this the first time, you will not have to do it again, Ghost will save the necessary files netwokr you. January 25, at 7: The first problem was in the Config. Thanks for the heads up on Ghost v7. I finally got this to work.

August 10, at 7: OR as we have moved onto the USB key we can use a bit more of the cgeating space and introduce some more functionality such as multiple network card driver options. August 11, at 6: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. More importantly, with a few modifications to this process you can create a single boot CD that supports multiple network cards!!!

Hi I have been trying to make a Ghost book disk to map a network drive with no luck. This conversation is currently closed to new comments. The link to the newer e January 27, at EXE files that you need will be created on the first disk so you can cancel the Wizard when asked to insert the second floppy.

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August 15, at 2: