I don’t play games. It will work with your watt power supply. The will handle light gaming, though. I’m looking for a graphics upgrade but in my case from on-board to a separate card. HERE is one to look at.

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What did you do in the end? What is the best video card for a Dell Optiplex GX The card driver is fromnothing new for it either. The Sapphire low profile reputedly uses less power than the dell optiplex gx620 video 55 watts at load. I bought this system a couple years ago from Dell Auction for next to nothing to replace an 8 yr.

Optiplex mini tower dell optiplex gx620 video video on power up.

Solved: What is the best video card for a Dell Optiplex GX – Dell Community

It helped quite a bit, but it is what it is. Does this work for me?

Do you know what video card dell optiplex gx620 video have now? Depends on which model you have. I have an older system similar to yours – second-user SFF GX – also used for light household duties rather than playing games.

In fact, in performance, the Intel integrated graphics handily outperform it. I generally use this machine for backup as my XPS is also getting long in the tooth. A number of s have dell optiplex gx620 video on videp recently for USD25 or less. Apparently, you do not have any dedicated video card right now. If gaming, I would not recommend anything less and there is only one other card that may work that is better which is the HD So, really need a decent, low cost card.

Solved: graphics card recommendation for old Optiplex GX – Dell Community

HERE is one to look at. This is more or less a tinker machine.

Thank you for your suggestions. It is running ok with aero off, but it is a little sluggish at times, more so that with Win XP installed. I would like a recommendation on an inexpensive graphics card that this machine can handle without over working the CPU. I was mainly just bideo to get mine to run Win 7 more effectively I was having network issues mixing Win 7 and Win XP which Dell optiplex gx620 video did accomplish, It works pretty well for backup and dell optiplex gx620 video surfing.

Disappointingly, I haven’t found guidance in the Dell site about fell cards or requirements for compatibility, so I’m looking for someone’s experience as a guide. I’d prefer not having to modify the case or the card. Thanks for your help! However, as others have said, there’s not a lot of bang available in that machine, so be careful with your bucks.

Not interested in the graphics dependent games. It would be better to save the money for a new computer since very few graphics cards can use w psu. Mine previously had an ATI card see specs aboveso this wasn’t a major dell optiplex gx620 video. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. As you suggested, I do not want to spend a lot of money on this machine.

This system is connected to a flat screen TV for streaming music and video and used for backup. I’m looking for a graphics upgrade but in my case from vidro to a separate card. I don’t play games.