Edited by Asleep, 30 May – For many, its smaller shape might even make a tour heads shorter and more crooked than the retail version. Also, metalwoods sold in groups, such as a driver together with fairway woods, often turn out to be counterfeit. Boy oh boy… Taylor Made is making more converts to other companies every day. The clubhead is backwards!

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Pay Day Voucher Give Away! When the reviewer adjusted the loft to 12 degrees this was more suited due to the fact the tay,ormade was a lower hitter he got the following results.

Fake taylormade r1 think its difficult to judge whether the club is a fake from looking at the graphics on the top of the club. Authorized major brand fake taylormade r1 do not sell club heads by themselves on eBay. What taylormaed the seller’s name?

Fake Taylormade R1? – US Equipment – MyGolfSpy Forum

For me, to buy one atylormade these, it would have to have a serial number, that could be checked and clarified by TaylorMade. Popular Photo Galleries 2 weeks ago. I thought it was illegal for manufacturers to sell products that are different for the public than are used by the special people? It fake taylormade r1 means that the toe of the club is higher than the heel. I taylormaee played a Superdeep the past few seasons before I just put the R1 in the bag verdict is still out…lets just say the SuperDeep is ready to go in the locker fake taylormade r1 needed.

IMO this looks light years better than the original R Rising Irons Lofts Over the past twenty years the Get some fake taylormade r1 taylormade, your not gonna last long in this information era where everyone can point out your BS marketing strategies.

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how to differentiate a genuine and fake R1 driver?

The retail version of the R1 driver is sold with two weights, a gram and a 1-gram. I would expect them to have better equipment.

This exact article is what pushed me to titleist as there are more options…. Prairiegolf Mar 18, at Callaway, Cleveland, Nike and Acushnet parent company of tajlormade Titleist, Cobra and FootJoy brands are among the companies who have suffered from the boom in fake clubs and although it’s reckoned that 60 per-cent fake taylormade r1 the world’s genuine golf clubs are made in Fake taylormade r1, millions of poor quality copies also originate from there.

Karma Mar 17, at 4: Is taylormmade at all possible that this isn’t a fake? The backswing influences the downswing fake taylormade r1 lot. Please log in to reply.

Endo, a Japanese forging house and probably the single biggest one too, has a plant in Thailand in addition to the japanese one. Time to elevate your game TM. Posted 13 August – Fake taylormade r1 think the article above is probably more correct.

The earliest pictures released on the R1 are of heads which did not fake taylormade r1 serial numbers. The R1 V1 has weight more towards the face and that equates to lower spin, straighter shots. BK24BK Mar 20, at 1: Taypormade our Press Release Manager Tour News 3 fake taylormade r1 ago.

Posted 29 May – You are missing the point completely. Are multiple clubs being sold together in one auction? Plano, Tx Ebay ID: