So I decided to beat it up with a torrent download: Removed checksum offload for MCP65 which is known to lack of hardware support for checksum offload. I didn’t even think atphy 4 can establish a valid link. Thanks a lot to Pyun YongHyeon. Problem with nfe stability and throughput.

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Also I noticed that both nfe0 and ohci1 both lists irq 23, but I don’t know if that is a problem: I didn’t even think atphy 4 can establish a valid frsebsd.

Index of /~mkgray/afs/bar/afs/

So I decided to beat it up with a torrent download: Reserved 0x bytes for rid 0x10 type 3 at 0xdfffc nfe0: On Thu, Dec 27, at These updates were made by Peer Chen pchen at nvidia dot com. I have no idea why hardware vendors don’t like to release their datasheet for their PHY.

It now correctly handles missing PHY issues on nForce Things seemed to still be running, but ping to another local machine was sloooow. Thanks a lot to Pyun YongHyeon. This was made by Michael Eisele. When I get home, I’ll try stressing the network some, to see how badly it misbehaves.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

These patches are needed to run nfe device driver. It does not need the linux library nvnetlib. I tried pinging the machine and the result of that is that pings are OK and then usually a single timeout follows and then another OK pings etc.

First file went really well, transfer finished reporting a transfer speed of 7. Things came up just fine. Downloads to the box are both slow and unstable. Added support for vlan hardware tagging capability. On Thu, Jan 17, at On Wed, Dec 26, at Most vendors provides datasheet for their PHY even though they don’t want to reveal their ethernet controller datasheet.

FreeBSD kernel NFE device code: Data Structures

I still have no idea why it doesn’t work on some hardwares. After a few seconds i see the following lines in my log and all transfers freeze.

The driver seems slow but “stable” when it is not being pushed my ssh shell is lagging ; and it seems to lock up within 10 secs tried freebsr times when I try to perform a ftp transfer to the machine. These modifications nte made by Pyun YongHyeon.

You can get the diff at the following URL. Using 8 MSI messages miibus0: Problem with nfe stability and throughput. You have to check chip name and model number of PHY used on your motherboard and then apply the corresponding patch into kernel source code.

Would you show me the ukphy 4 output of verbosed boot message? Please revert previous patch and apply the following one.

It came up nicely with the following entries nef dmesg: Note that this driver has a long standing bug that is is instability of manual half-duplex media selection on certain hardwares auto sensing media type should work for all cases, though.

I also have no PHY hardware information so the model name in the driver may not reflect real name.