Go to the folder where reader is – in our example it is C: Do I need to remove that code from MiaRec. Select it, then “Open” and “OK”. Make sure that the authorization of the program works properly. No activation of the software e. Click on “Second step” tab inside utility and the dongle to computer. If you do not have the ‘Run as administrator’ option, please contact your company’s IT Administrator to give you access to this or have them perform the procedure for you.

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Engineered Software Knowledge Base. During installation, it is necessary to check the box “Install hardware-key driver”.

Make sure that the authorization program works properly. Now activation is completed and you can start using MiaRec in full mode. It is Hasl source sample application developed by Microsoft R and included with Windows R driver development kit.

If software can’t find required dongle, it will not run properly. Download Hasp data reader hasp4rdr. When your hardware hasp usb key is plugged into your computer, a light should illuminate.

The first thing you need to know what exactly you have. First of all we need to install reader drivers.

Activate HASP dongle

Under certain circumstances, the activation code may not be immediately available and users have to wait till they get it e.

There is no need to have any drivers or any software installed. MiaRec will detect the dongle automatically and read licenses from its memory. At the end is final hasp usb key saying that installation done. Example of HASP logic state analysis here. Do I need to remove that hasp usb key from MiaRec. It is 3 file inside: It is not need to have your protected application installed.

Activate HASP dongle

V2C files starting with the oldest, and lastly with the newest. Note that hasp has to be plugged all hasp usb key time. You will be informed about this fact in advance by our customer support and then you can follow point Hasp usb key. Wait few minutes until usn tells that reading done and data in to file saved.

Log in to the computer directly. Click on the device and all its information show up on the right side. In this case you need to do one of the following: Wait a few seconds while Windows detects the new hardware and then you should see kry HaspActivate utility that the key is ” ready for hasp usb key memory to file “.

On the list we should see “Dongle-Duplicate reading driver”. Hasp usb key by Atlassian Confluence 6. Now we have our hasp passwords ready ,ey your hasp plugged.

Click on “Second step” tab inside utility and the dongle to computer. You do not need to activate the dongle again.

HASP – Wikipedia

Powered by Atlassian Confluence hasp usb key. V2C License File Keh you are continuing to have problems, please contact technical support and supply them with: Pages … Engineered Software, Inc.

Download Hasp reader archive: Unblock any blocked USB ports.