Retrieving the Total Number of Tags Example 2: I don’t have the time to test this right now but it’s exactly what I was looking for when I started. Michael–in IP21 there is an “Interpolated” table, as well as the “actual” data point table. How do I query raw data from a Proficy Historian? Retrieving the Value and Quality of the First 50 Tags. Another one is if you poll 10, samples and 1 of the samples are corrupted it will drop all 10, samples.

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Can you by chance add a note about where the ebook is typically located? Retrieving All Messages and Alerts for Today. Pay particular attention to the following sections.

Joining the ihMessages and ihArchives Tables. Searching for All Single Float Tags. It can be a little slow in some cases.

List of Examples | Historian | GE Digital –

A little late I know, but better late than never. Return all closed events. Performing a Simple Sequence of Events Example 7: Post as a guest Ihidtorian. Retrieving the Total Number of Tags. Interleaving Data and Messages by Timestamp.

Accessing the ihTrend Table via a Linked Server. Retrieving All Messages for a Specific User.

There are several C header files that contain all of the error codes and the function header for the DLL. Returning the Top 40 Tags in Alphabetical Order. Using Parentheses with Logical Operators and Timestamps. Preparing for a RawByNumber Query. Retrieving All Collectors and Their Statuses. Regarding getting no samples back you can do “ReadSamplesByCount” instead of time, that way you get at least 1 sample back.

I ran into the same thing a few khistorian ago with a PI system, so I do feel your pain!

Preparing for a Filtered Data Query Example 7: Performing a Right Join Older Syntax. Show alarm history Example 3: Retrieving Messages Dated Today.

Configuring the Historian OLE DB Provider as a Linked Server

Retrieving the Value and Quality of the First 50 Tags. OleDbDataAdapter adp; using System.

Retrieving Tags with a Given Description. OLE is very slow. Can the oledb do this? It has no provision for crosstabbing multiple tagnames into the columns and then carrying forward samples so that a value exists for each timestamp and tag combination.

Retrieving Ihistoriwn Containing a Substring Example 3: Retrieving Tags with a Given Description Example 3: Retrieving All Properties of the Current Archive. Worse, still were cases where there were no explicit points during the window requested–we’d get no data back. Retrieving the Value for the First Tags. How do I query raw data from a Proficy Historian?