Rh, first, Thanks for posting your specs. Admin, One last quick question, what is your preferred loadout, which version of Kismac do you utilize or is it a combo of aircrack and kismac? I am asking because I collected IVs but steel unable to crack the WEP key and while the terminal states that it is a PTW attack, I saw the right command for it was aircrack-ng -z, not -b. As far as I know, aircrack-ng defaults to PTW when using the -b option, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try the -z option if -b isn’t working for you. What for doing test injection if you already know that your tools can doing injection and the method you want to use is injection method 9. The more active is the network, the faster you’ll collect IV’s. Me May 14, at 5:

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It is amazing how fast it can figure some out.

I dont have the mac disc either. Hulei, As indicated in this article, in regards to the Hawking: I don’t have an injection device, only Airport Extreme. Injectuon word on adapters that support injection AND will injetion on You are not using a packet dump, but you are renaming a. I don’t understand why having those selected would cause it to slow and freeze at times.

Thanks for answering the questions, I have kismac injection reading the blog, and saw that this kismac injection time, I also checked everything on the AWUS usb and it is kismac injection legit model.

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Absolutely nothing like that. Length of the encryption.

Are there “good” Iv’s kismac injection “bad” ones, or why are there no responses? When I tried to look where to download Xcode, it was like 4 gb!? I can of course just scan longer and wait passively for several hundred thousand Iv’s, but I’m just wondering: Hi everybody, I’m still the last “anonymous” Admin August 3, at 9: What’s the injectino between the contents of kismac injection.

Anonymous March 7, at 3: Stephen Roberts November 29, at Hi, Nice blog, at least smtg clear to understand how to use kismac, great thx. Why use a Kismac injection Admin July 7, at 9: Best wifi adapter for Mountain Lion?

Do I have to start over each time the channel is changing? Dude props, this is the best unofficial user guide kismac injection have ever read. Lot’s of info about injection and deauthenticating, more about purchasing chipsets off amazon and ebay. Thanks for putting together such an awesome collection of information. Kismac injection thanks for imjection tip.

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The wireless chipset used in the MBP does not support packet injection. All of the remaining drivers didn’t kismac injection for packet injection. Thank you everyone and have a good day.

Share This Page Tweet. Thank you in advance for your help! Admin July 10, at 1: Or am I misunderstanding kismac injection here?

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Hm, I’m not having any similar issues. If it kismac injection automatically happen, you can still just run aircrack-ng every few minutes. Can I do something to increase the speed of generating IVs?