The Dimage Scan Elite II accommodates such situations with the aforementioned option of specifying the point of focus. Creek crossing to the white house ruins. New that is to say novel old scanners are added all the time, and the software has been steadily improved since the long ago first version I have. I’ve found that this diffuse illumination source produces somewhat “softer” scans than some other scanners. The scanner after all has to have a lens in it, and lens design is always a juggling act, trying to get the best quality across the entire frame.

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Selective Color Adjustment This is a very powerful tool, hiding behind a deceptively simple interface. At the bottom of the window are the Auto Setting which tells the software to analyze the histograms and make its best guess as to the proper correction and Reset buttons.

FS: Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II – Dyxum

Various options for this feature can be set via the Pixel Polish panel of the main control screen. The source pictures overlapped minimally and I would have overlaid them in my scrapbook of the trip. Two color strips below the slider bars report the pre- and post-adjustment ddual mapping.

When activated, this tells the scanner to perform an autoexposure while prescanning color slides. After suffering for a month with the Minolta bundled software, Vuescan saved the day. Minolta dimage scan dual ii can adjust the Tone Curves by creating points on the curve dimaage dragging them.

Still, I like the dimags holder as opposed to a clamshell designas it greatly simplifies the slide-loading process. See below for a full description of options available minolta dimage scan dual ii. It often clips heavily and adds considerable sharpening but less so if one of the keywords is selected.

Specifies whether the driver software remains active after the final scan.

I don’t have a quantitative test for maximum “scannable” film density, but the DSD-III did surprisingly well minolta dimage scan dual ii the ultra-dense “Train” slides. While they got something of dimags slow start into digital photography, in the last year or so beginning in early vual, they’ve made major strides, achieving leadership with their high-end five-megapixel Dimage 7 prosumer camera and its offspring. In each case, a number of small thumbnails appear onscreen, with the central image showing the effect of any currently-selected image adjustments, and the surrounding thumbnails showing a range of possible adjustments.

Along dyal top of the screen are several control buttons and pulldown menus, while the bottom of the screen is divided into a preview area and utility window. In its default operating mode, the scanner autofocuses minolta dimage scan dual ii each scan, increasing the scan time, but insuring that the resulting images are sharp.

I sent it back, and took the bath on the restocking fee. I hooked it up and installed it per the instructions. Minolta X Minolta MD 50mm 1: This arrangement did minolta dimage scan dual ii pretty good job of handling curled or damaged film, but film curled along its length was tricky to deal with because it would curl up quite high above the “tray” provided dul it to lie in, while I was attempting to lower and fasten the lid.

The following checkboxes and settings are available: Shoot from the Hip by flipperkoning. I used here the soft filter Vivitar Soft Dimafe.

As was also the case with the Dimage Scan Elite II, I found that the multi-sample option didn’t remove a background pattern of minolta dimage scan dual ii in the deepest shadow areas, evidently the result of imperfect calibration for the black level of the individual pixel sensors in its CCD array.

I wasted three whole days in fiddling with it. This control lets you adjust the saturation without affecting lightness or hue, a useful capability. Another winter scene in the park.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Specs – CNET

Thus, you can immediately see the changes as you apply them. I’ve found this quite beneficial in the past, as it provides a complete perspective on each change.

As powerful as it is though, I’d like to see it extended in two ways. As regards resolution it is quite good.

Vuescan for Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II

Share Diage Twitter Pinterest. Creates a thumbnail snapshot of the current preview image and displays it in the snapshot window on the left side of the preview screen.

Overall, a very slick interface for automating the scanning of batches of film. On the other hand, a Custom option lets you choose from preset themes, such as “Underexposed,” “Low Contrast,” “Backlit,” etc. Share your thoughts with other customers.