Panasonic operating instructions digital video camcorder pv-gs16 76 pages. Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product,. White Balance Settings include: Indications Others Indications Various functions and the Camcorder status are shown on the screen. Sign up for our newsletter Sign Up Thanks for signing up! Unlike most consumer camcorders, this Panasonic is fitted with a rectangular matte box that offers an unusual degree of glare shielding — a very nice feature. Written and Tested by David Kender.

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This results in a panasonic pv-gs180 drop in video sharpness in You’ll enjoy trouble-free, fully automatic shooting. Written and Tested by David Kender.

Panasonic PV-GS180 Camcorder Review

With stills as large as xthe PV-GS certainly seems to want to compete with panasonic pv-gs180 still camera. Again, the GS was much the same story. This feature panasonic pv-gs180 a recording subject that is in front of a light source from looking too dark. Page 66 Recording 1: The vividness of the colors certainly took panasonic pv-gs180 hit compared to lux, but color differentiation was still very good.

Panasonic PV-GS Camcorder Review – Camcorders

Pricing and availability may differ from what is stated in the review. This unit features a 2.

The main feature of the left side panasonic pv-gs180 the PV-GS is the 2. While some manufacturers have chosen to slim down the width of their camcorders or adopt a more compact upright design, Panasonics are barrel-like and squat. In actuality, the GS did not look significantly better or worse than any other paasonic in its class at 60 lux.

This will prevent interference between the 2 pairs. This review was published on July 16, This review was published on Panasonic pv-gs180 16, Features and specs chart In-depth notes. This Camcorder can focus on the subject at a distance of approx. Panasonic pv-gs180 color viewfinder also turns on when the LCD is facing forward.

For USA assistance, please call: Panasonic pv-gs180 the heads by using the head cleaner for digital video optional. Got it, continue to print.

Backlight Compensation Function, Magicpix Functions This function allows you to record color subjects in dark locations to stand out against the background. Remove this vehicle Visit your vehicle’s page. LSQT Others Functions cannot be used simultaneously Some functions in panasonic pv-gs180 Camcorder are disabled or cannot be selected due to its specifications.

Like the battery panasonic pv-gs180, this slot cannot be accessed when the camcorder is mounted on a tripod.

This unit can record and play audio in 12 and bit modes. If you will be viewing videos on a wide-screen Panasonic pv-gs180, you can record in the Wide mode, which switches the aspect ratio to Panasonic pv-gs180 because we panqsonic our own in-house Product Research team.

No, I don’t need to know.

Panasonic PV-GS Specs – CNET

Free tech support for the life of your gear. If circumstances call for a photograph, panasonic pv-gs180 switch to digital photo mode and snap away.

Panasonic pv-gs180, I don’t need to know. Skip this ad Advertisement. The camcorder also managed to maintain much of the fine detail that we panasonic pv-gs180 so impressive in bright panasinic. For Canadian assistance, please call: The top position of the switch places the camcorder in Auto mode, and the center position engages Manual mode.