Discussions Questions Ideas Problems. Set this property to any value to confirm you would like upgrades to take place. This website is provided for discussion purposes only. This property has no effect on Windows 9x. Command-line options given by msiexec.

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This differs from the parallel driver, which is always loaded after it is installed, so the configuration program should always detect its rainbow technologies sentinel system. Set this property to any value to prevent the VDD installation. When you run it, a window will come up giving you a few configuration choices.

Sentinel driver installation problem

Leave a comment on fgluca’s reply. Command-line switches are used to do this. In general, the computer should be rebooted if this occurs, although the installer will not specifically prompt to do so.

Other operating systems fully uninstall the driver. You will then place the Sentinel System Driver 5. For more information on changing the ports and various options, click the Help button.

If your installer does not require a data1. In general, the driver is able to automatically detect rainbow technologies sentinel system parallel ports and does not need to be set up manually. This allows users to be directed straight to your Web site for problems.

Command-line options given by msiexec. Uninstalling it risks inadvertently causing a problem with the entire operating system. There is no effect if you set this on a system that does not require an upgrade.

This method is very similar to the first method, except you call setup. New to this Portal? For this reason, the USB driver is never fully uninstalled by default by the installer.

This is a supported custom action built into Windows Installer. How to detect version of Sentinel Protection Installer is installed? Some developers desire the ability to completely remove all traces of the USB driver from a computer.

This is because PnP only loads in rainbow technologies sentinel system drivers for components actually plugged into the computer. If this property is set, all traces of the USB driver are rainbow technologies sentinel system from the system. This option is available only systfm msiexec.

Sentinel System Driver Installation Options

Use the default value of “all” to install everything. Select the rainbow technologies sentinel system you want and follow the instructions shown. Set this value to one of three technoligies Setting this property is only necessary if you are not using the GUI.

To set a property from the command line, use the following syntax: If you have the driver on Rainbow technologies sentinel system, place the CD in the computer. There are four basic methods of installing the Sentinel System Driver on your customer’s computer: The driver installation is then run without any required user-interaction. The user interface always prompts the user with an option to reboot at the end.

To repair a driver installation: Repairs or reinstalls missing or corrupted files. Double-click Sentinel System Driver 5.