However, they’ve left it to their X-series to steal the show – a premium notebook range designed for portability, good looks and performance. Happily the ports are easy to identify thanks to the symbols on the chrome strip above them, so you will not have to crane your neck too much to find the right port. The downside , however, is that you will have to scroll down more often when reading websites and documents, which are generally vertically orientated. The X is also a looker , as the surfaces are finished with sparkly metallic particles and the workmanship is also extremely good. Opening it up sadly reveals a more businesslike matte-black finish, although curved edges help make the interior a little more visually arresting.

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Unfortunately the Samsung X’s latencies are too highwith Windows Samsung x420 at least. Samsung does make a few blunders in other areas; the screen’s brightness measurements were mediocre at best, although the screen did not look too bad with the naked eye.

Special functions can be reached using various key combinations. A webcam is also included. Not finding what you’re looking for? This is mostly down to the dual core Pentium processor Tilting the screen only a small distance up samsung x420 down causes the colours to distort.

As a quick real-life test we installed the smasung and relatively undemanding World of Samsung x420.

Samsng may like the extra give that the board delivers, but we found it hindered usability. This would be a samsung x420, as the X is very pleasant to the touch. However the hard drive behaved rather oddly during samsung x420 benchmarks; the minimum transfer rate would dip as low as 2.

Samsung X review: Samsung X – CNET

The 3DMark benchmarks measure the system’s ability to cope samsung x420 graphics-intensive computer games. The lid is robust and protects samsung x420 screen from pressure. It is good to see that the South Koreans have avoided glossy surfaces on the inside of the notebook, since these always tend to pick up smudges and finger prints.

When it has to deal with 3D graphics and all samsung x420 demands are made of the processor, the run time is 3 hours and 17 minutes.

Review Samsung X420 Subnotebook

The laptop is also comfortably light at only 1. More recently, Samsung has returned to the notebook space with a mixture of netbooks samsung x420 laptops to entice road warriors here. This fits well with the rest of the laptop’s set-up and enables it to run more demanding office software without any problems.


However, they’ve left it to their X-series to steal the show – a premium notebook range designed for portability, good looks and performance. Compared to the Watt power supplies that are built into many desktop PCs, this is still hugely economical.

The touchpad is also slightly recessed from the level of the palm rest samsung x420, so it can easily be distinguished from it. If you are only using a word processor or surfing the net, the notebook should stay samsung x420, reaching a maximum of This has the advantage that you can watch films with smaller black strips at the top and bottom or none at all. Sign up samsung x420 our daily newsletter Newsletter.

With higher graphics settings, such as x resolution or more detailed characters, it is virtually unplayable. The notebook’s memory cannot be upgraded any further since it will only work with a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. The touchpad is more samsung x420 a pleasure; it samsung x420 sufficiently large and has two smart chrome buttons which react well and have a samsung x420 point of response. We’re here to help. So games from or earlier should be no problem, as far as performance is concerned.

The X Aven is equipped with a 1. The keys are also of a decent sizeand not disagreeably tiny in places, like the X’s.

Live Chat Sunday to Thursday: Oh, did we mention that it’s also devilishly slim at The samsung x420 angles also leave a lot to be desired. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. The Cinebench R10 saamsung samsung x420 how much difference the second core makes, as it measures the processing power of the individual cores as well as them working together.