VAT is very powerful. Not a commonplace inclusion for an ultraportable, the drive makes it easy to back up and play media on the move. The vertical viewing angle is not as good but still satisfactory. A look at the U screen view large image. However, the HDD only shows Some light leakage can be seen at the bottom of the U view large image Speakers The speakers are nothing special.

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The Satellite pro u200 and HP both cost the same as the U Business Ultraportable Laptops Time was that choosing an ultraportable notebook for business meant sacrificing on performance and features, but no more. I particularly like using the Power Saving utility over the Windows power settings.

With one swipe, I can log onto satellite pro u200 or any web-site requiring a user name and password. With heavy use, it lasted just over 90 minutes, although this can increase to over four hours if you’re not working it hard.

There are no creaks when I lift the notebook from one of satellite pro u200 corners. It comes designed with a magnesium alloy chassis, air pocket cushioning, padding materials, HDD protection and a spill resistant keyboard.

But, this is poor compared to the three-year warranties seen with other notebooks here.

Back side view of Toshiba Satellite U view large image. All of which means more typos if you switch between a desktop and a notebook regularly. I found most of these apps to satellite pro u200 useless and have since uninstalled them.

Toshiba Satellite U / Satellite U Review (pics, specs) |

Allowing easy control of music and video files, one key also lets you start up your favourite internet browser. The chassis is made from magnesium alloy and feels solid satellite pro u200 to withstand life on the road.

The track pad is very tiny but, very satellite pro u200. One down side is the satelkite time of hours while off and almost 12 hours while on. Its Super-TFT coating improves both brightness and colour reproduction.

Toshiba Satellite U200 / Satellite U205 Review (pics, specs)

It came with a one year parts and labor international warranty. The quality satellite pro u200 of this practical looking, light and feature-rich machine won me over.

The use of an integrated Intel graphics card means low 3D performance. Also, the keys have more travel then the others, with a very Thinkpad feel to them, and do not feel squeezed together. For me, one more USB port would have been nice. They were clear and loud enough to listen to from across the room at half the maximum volume. Also the HDD runs at about degrees Celsius under non-intensive use. Not a commonplace inclusion for an ultraportable, the drive makes it easy to back up and play media on the move.

When I satellite pro u200 against the back of the screen there are no ripples, at all. The Satellite pro u200 also comes with a fingerprint reader. However, after about a week of use the problem disappeared and it now shuts down quickly. The keyboard is well-spaced and responsive. Some light leakage can be seen at the bottom of the U view large image. A nice feature was the added system recovery disk with Windows XP Home on it. Another thing about the screen is that it only opens to about degrees.

I would definitely recommend buying a portable mouse to go with this laptop. Above satellite pro u200 keyboard is a row of shortcut buttons which let you control music or video playback in Windows Media Player. Satellite pro u200, since the U is part of the Satellite series it is geared more towards the average user.

We like the keyboard’s solid feel, but the layout isn’t ideal. Satellite pro u200 speakers are loud enough, but the harsh, tinny sound will drive you to use the headphone socket.

The battery is also warranted for one year.