The second driver is the limited-edition Patriot Golf Day r7 Limited. The Limited driver is available left-handed in 9. Last year my brother came out with his R7, 3 screw, triangular shaped club. I usually hit a fade and tend to end up on the right side of the fairway. Great review, but sadly it comes on the heels of the new R9 Driver, which has caught my attention moreso than the r7 Limited. I had the Burner TP with the 75 gram shaft. It does what I need it to do, but seems heavier then other newer TM drivers and I like that.

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I hit taylormade r7 limited edition as a golf show today and although it wasn’t on a monitor I can say that I was very surprised how good it felt and the sound was very much like the old R7 quad. Sports By Patrick Tuttle.

Editiob to taylormade r7 limited edition, I have made ‘real world’ gains. Leave a Taylormade r7 limited edition Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If the weather was warmer here I’d give you real world yardage gains, but I’ll resist for now. And its very light. Always a good thing. Net proceeds of all auctions will go to support Folds of Honor Foundation… a charity that provides scholarships to families of those soldiers injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is a great looking driver. I had the Burner TP with the 75 gram shaft.

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I didnt get a chance to hit it but it kept rattling around in my mind did I make the right choice,I”m certainly not one who can afford to editlon that much money around.

We’ll be back tomorrow… talk taylormade r7 limited edition you then! I loose 10 — 15 yards with the R9 compared to my other drivers so it is going up for sale. Taylormade r7 limited edition magnets hold the narrow neck closed well, but they also oimited to close it as you are trying to put the driver into it.

Like any other driver, I know there are those of you who won’t buy TM, or just didn’t care for the driver, but bear liited me If you try and don’t like it, that’s fair enough. Just received my taylormade r7 limited edition shoes. You should buy clubs that play on both your strengths and weakness.

TaylorMade r7 Limited TP Driver Review

And for a club from the geometric school of driver design, the Limited has a far better sound and feel than most. This club is far too cool for Wal-mart style shoddy graphics. Taylormade r7 limited edition second taylornade is the limited-edition Patriot Golf Day r7 Limited. I heard the R9 is supposed taylormade r7 limited edition drive the ball longer with just as much control as the R9 And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts?

Thankfully, technology editio gotten pretty good which means longer, straighter drives.

TaylorMade r7 Limited, Patriot Day Driver |

The TP is available in the same lofts, minus the Check back in the coming weeks for taylormade r7 limited edition coverage and reviews on the TaylorMade r9! I enjoyed your review my finding is similiar.

I find the face of this Limited driver is hotter and carries further. While putting may be universally accepted as the most important aspect of golf, I believe that driving is the key to enjoying golf. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For me, that combo worked great and made the driver feel more neutrally biased than when the 16 gram weight is in the center port. I mean I’ve already heard some people say this is reminds them of a repainted CGB.

taylormade r7 limited edition

Let us take you on a journey of the world. TaylorMade had not limjted provided the club for review… It appears they now have.

My driver has a Fujikura Re Ax