Only the display gives a little more if you apply force. Only if you continuously use all ressources to full capacity the noise increases a little bit. However, a card reader , which is nowadays often available at consumer notebooks, is not available. Nevertheless, you should not forget that the Satellite L was exceptionally designed for typical office applications. There’s plenty of flex in the lid, and the hinges, although stiff, do allow for a fair amount of wobbling. And with a built-in microphone and Webcam you’ll be able to stay in touch with friends and colleagues without leaving your chair. The maximum brightness of

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Toshiba Satellite L test Source: The hinges look passable, but, cannot prevent a slight see-saw after adjusting the opening angle of the display.

Toshiba Satellite L350: A 17-inch Laptop For Only $750

The case of the Toshiba Satellite L is toshiba satellite l350 silver grey. Big screens and keyboards make them no less usable than a desktop PC, but they can still be carried around and hidden away when not in use.

The keyboard is user-friendly. The Satellite L, which is equipped toshiba satellite l350 a big 17 inch display and Intel’s Dual-Core technology, is available at a great price. Quality journalism is paid by advertising.

This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. It is designed for basic office, Internet, and DVD applications. This should suffice usual office toshiba satellite l350 without shortage.

CNet Entry-level desktop-replacement laptops are almost as popular as netbooks in many online stores’ bestseller lists.

Toshiba Satellite L350 Series

But, the ExpressCard slot could help overcome the missing card reader. Visit manufacturer site for details. It is difficult to choose a reasonable processor for notebooks which cost less than Also the hardware equipment is trimmed for base requirements of toshiba satellite l350 office applications.

The good workmanship of toshiba satellite l350 case contributes much to the overall positive impression. Nevertheless, you should satlelite forget that the Satellite L was exceptionally designed for typical office applications. The only adornments on the dark grey case are the toshiba satellite l350 grey, painted Toshiba logos on the lid and below the screen. Furthermore, it features an energy saving optionwhich is a clear advantage compared to the Celeron M series, which didn’t feature speedstep and has only one core.

The latter toshiba satellite l350 crowned our budget chart for a few months thanks to its balance of price and performance, a feat that the Toshiba Satellite L carries off with only slightly less aplomb. Despite the attractive price of about The peripheral connectivity includes only the most important ports, e.

The results of our measurements are in contrast to the name ‘High Brightness Display’. Toshiba satellite l350 maximum brightness of Despite the glare type panel we felt that the colours could be more vivid.

A big case means there’s room for a large keyboard. The appeal of models like those toshiba satellite l350 Toshiba’s Satellite L series lies in their size. Several small changes to last year’s and the latest Intel processors all add up to Short review Toshiba Tooshiba L Notebook.

The audio ports are in the centre of the front edge, which is ideal for connecting satsllite or a headset, but, disadvantageous if you want to connect to an existing hi-fi system.

Please share our article, toshiba satellite l350 link counts! The hard disk capacity is very big.

Toshiba Satellite L review: Toshiba Satellite L – CNET

Due to the measured brightness and the reflecting surface the Satellite L is hardly fit for outdoor operation. Service Toshiba satellite l350 Part Sztellite. However it fell to only 1. Apple MacBook inch, System Noise The fan permanently ran throughout the test – even if the load was low, i.