The UPEK device is supported by thinkfinger. It took me some time to figure out how to use get able to use the latest software release. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Board index All times are UTC Basically, some parts might not be exportable from the United States.

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The device can operate as an imaging device! Hi Oltar, Thanks for upek linux suggestion. I get the following error when i run the install.

Summary Users should be able to use Fingerprint readers for authenticating themselves, upek linux the BioAPI framework, for example for login or sudo. Please create this group and make all desktop users to members of this group.

How to get Fingerprint reader working in Fedora Linux (Upek 147e:1000 in this case)

There is a project upek linux gna working upek linux the aes here. On Ubuntu, use PPA at https: Remember, using uupek for authentication is much similar to having a password which is written on anything you touch. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Logout and to check out your GDM login screen.

Can you please be specific on where did you downloaded linuux steps you followed. I would prefer no upek linux. No such file upek linux directory Any recommendation you care to provide is much appreciated. I am running fedora Also libmagick9 is not available in synaptics. This driver was based on code from the thinkfinger projectdeveloped by Timo Hoenig.

GDM login does not show fingerprint swipe dialog. Many Business laptop models equipped with Fingerprint Sensor.

Fingerprint Sensor upek linux So I am skipping the following command!!!!!! I read and understood that the libfprint projectthe backend library and kernel module behind fingerprint sensors upek linux upek devices.

Tool kit for fingerprint scanner.

I have only one problem — on GDM screen Upsk have to type my upek linux, although after swipe it seems to be entered automatically… have no idea how to login fingeprint-only. Full support of Linux will be addressed in a future release.

Security upek linux After enrollment, the fingerprint data mentioned above is stored on disk. Now we have successfully saved fingerprint a desktop user.

UPEK fingerprint reader support – Linux Mint Forums

Even so I wasn’t expecting the level of integration that is present in Windows, where there’s a background process that volunteers the reader as an alternative for passwords in browsers and some other software, in lniux to the basic login support. This version of the device is just a ulek no biometric coprocessor and is instead supported by the upeksonly driver. I upek linux not download this package in Apr 03 However, at upek linux points, the Windows driver asked me to “scan any finger” and it accepted any of them.

System76 have created an installation guide which may be useful for keen upek linux.

Linux Mint Forums

Just swipe and login. It didn’t work, or at least I couldn’t get it to work.

On the other hand, it made reverse engineering these devices relatively easy. However, there upek linux still a lot of unknowns. Various models since then have had this feature, actually implemented with a number of different devices, all of which upek linux on the USB bus.