PCIe x16; low profile, half-length Slot 2: Optical drive bays One, optional, for models with 2. The server has four integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports and two optional 10 Gb Ethernet ports with mezzanine cards that do not consume a PCIe slot. Copies are available upon request. Components and connectors Figure 2 shows the front of the server.

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Hot-swap parts Hard drives, power supplies, fans.

In addition, information x3550 m4 through the Service Agent is made available to IBM service support representatives when they help answer xx3550 questions or diagnose problems. The x3550 m4 table lists the rack cabinets that are offered by Lenovo that can be used in x M4 solutions. System x M4 servers are intended for use as rack-drawer servers and are tested and designed to operate in a horizontal position.

We finance your entire solution. The System x M4 server offers new levels of fast Intel Xeon multicore processors with up to 8. The controllers support connectivity to the external expansion enclosures listed in the following x350. For more information, see the list of Product Guides in j4 Rack cabinets and options category: Many factors affect application performance.

Integrated NICs have the following features: It can help reduce costs through potentially:. The model “x” x3550 m4 is geography-dependent and is spelled out explicitly in the Product number section. X3550 m4 Trusted Execution Technology provides enhanced security through hardware-based resistance to malicious software attacks, allowing an application to run in its own isolated space protected from all x3550 m4 software running on a system.

X3550 m4 simplifies servicing, speeds xx3550 problem resolution, and helps improve system availability.

IBM System x M4 review | IT PRO

Additional terms of use are located at. The size of a rank varies depending on the DIMMs installed. Available W dc power supply option.

Express models The following table lists the Express models. The displayable x3550 m4 are part x3550 m4 the basic machine-readable material.

x3550 m4 Access to help line x3550 m4 for fast, accurate answers to your questions during installation and throughout ongoing operations. When having the unit serviced, plan to x3550 m4 these components attached to your server either directly or indirectly via a console switch.

In rank sparing mode, one rank of a DIMM in each populated channel is reserved as spare memory. Related publications and links For more information see these resources: Financing solutions from IBM Global Financing can help you stretch your budget and affordably acquire the new product.

Its energy-efficient design supports more cores, memory, and data capacity in a compact 1U package that is easy to service and manage.

IBM System x3550 M4 servers include Intel Xeon multicore processors

It incorporates powerful Xeon processors with up to 20 MB L3 cache. Abstract The System x M4 server provides outstanding performance for your mission-critical x3550 m4. Front view of the System x M4.

Low-voltage Intel Xeon processors draw less energy to satisfy the demands of power and thermally constrained data centers and telecommunication environments. For example, x3550 m4 a customer reports an incident at 3: This key enables easy console redirection with text and graphics, and keyboard and mouse operating system must support USB support over the x3550 m4 management LAN connections.

ACPI is an open industry specification that defines a flexible and extensible hardware interface for the system board. Processor quantity and model, number of cores, core speed, L3 cache, memory x3550 m4, TDP. Intel Virtualization Technology integrates hardware-level virtualization hooks d3550 allow operating system vendors to better utilize the x3550 m4 for virtualization workloads.

If required, IBM will provide the warranty service upgrade enhanced level of On-site Service acquired by the customer.

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